Sales forecast for optimal product availability

An ideal product availability is the basis for satisfied customers. On the other hand, large overstocks are associated with high storage costs for you. The challenge is therefore to determine the optimum stock level, that ensures continuous product availability and causes minimum storage costs at the same time.

Accurate sales planning based on precise and reliable forecasts is the key to maximum product availability and satisfied customers. With the help of existing data such as sales figures, customer information and demand trends, you can forecast future sales figures and build on them. We support you in the analytical evaluation of this data.

The advantages of data-supported sales planning:

More satisfied customers

There is hardly anything more frustrating for customers than to find out that the desired product is sold out. We support you in minimizing out-of-stock situations and thus increasing customer retention. At the same time, you avoid losing sales due to insufficient inventory.

Lower costs

A reliable sales forecast forms the basis for efficient merchandise planning. If you know your future goods requirements, you will be able to avoid large overstocks due to unsold products and thus minimize your storage costs without risking shelf gaps.

Planning reliability

The multitude of factors that can influence the purchasing behavior of customers makes sales planning very complex. We develop a reliable forecasting model for you that considers the influences relevant to you and provides you with a transparent decision-making basis for your sales plan.


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