Digitalization of reality - the digital twin

Would you like to be able to make more precise statements about your machines? If an use case should illustrate digitalization and its influence on real life, the digital twin is the best example! It is the digitalized image of an existing machine which is real. It is created by combining sensor technology and the simulation of individual components down to the individual screw.

For what?

It is the keystone of virtual manufacturing and the start of the digital smart factory! A digital twin can describe the entire life cycle of the physical machine. The whole information from machine data, logistics, sales or after-sales service is linked and gives you unprecedented knowledge of the condition of your machines and systems. And more: The data from the digital twin is the basis for machine learning and AI models, which can be used to forecast developments and future conditions.

Benefit from our expertise in digital use cases! Viewers for bill of material, intelligent user concepts or an image viewer with 3D presentation: Based on our unique platform YUNA, we develop your software solution in order to manage your digital twins. In addition, we support you in setting up the required IT infrastructure and implementing analytical cases in the environment of the digital twin.

Our expertise – your advantage:

Increased machine availability and cost savings

The digital twin takes condition monitoring to a new level: Recognize correlations and create the basis for predictive maintenance and optimized maintenance processes. In this way, maintenance operations can be optimized, and costs minimized at the same time.

Optimization of spare parts inventories lowers further costs

Transparent stock lists for all installed machine parts, including information on their status and maintenance history enable better stock-keeping of the required spare parts. This means more efficient use of stock and thus cost savings.

Improvement of output quality

With a digital twin, you can further expand the acquisition and processing of measurement data! Early anomaly detection ensures consistently high production quality.

Comprehensive knowledge of the machine state

All components with lifelong documentation of all necessary data – prepared in an interactive, user-friendly dashboard: A digital machine file enables you to easily and quickly find exactly the information you need.

Development and extension of after-sales services

High availability, intelligent maintenance offers or needs-based updates: The digital twin is the key to creating added value around your machine that will convince your customers.

Shortening development cycles

Benefit from a faster return on investment! With a digital twin you shorten the time from product design to the right configuration.

Your contact on the topic:
Oliver Bracht