Features for Business Experts

Whether in production, marketing, controlling, or accounting – analysts have many faces and tasks. For this reason, a platform is needed which can facilitate data-driven understanding. YUNA is this platform.

Understand data – within seconds

YUNA translates data to comprehensible visualizations. Transform tables into informative diagrams and share them with others with a simple click.

Furthermore, use filters not only to maintain an overview, but also to learn more and make your work easier.

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Using data has never been easier!

YUNA opens up the whole breadth of a company’s wealth of data without being overwhelming!

Leverage data from different applications and sources, clean it of duplicates with one click, and more. YUNA shortens the time needed to use date to a fraction!

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Collaboration as a quality factor!

Collaborative work far beyond working together on documents!

YUNA offers various features that allow you to share information faster – without having to resort to screenshots, video calls or the like.

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