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We are frequently asked: How did the name eoda come about? Officially, it stands for evidence-oriented data analysis. Unofficially, the phonetic proximity to Master Yoda is no coincidence. And more: There are conscious parallels. At our company it is not the fight “good” against “evil”. And still: In a rapidly developing environment in the context of artificial intelligence and self-learning algorithms, a clear philosophy and strong values are needed. That is what you associate with Master Yoda and that is what we stand for.

Learn more about our values and how we consciously do things differently – out of conviction:


We are guided by data. Hypotheses are helpful, but not necessary.

Knowledge transfer

Knowledge transfer instead of business secrets. We consistently pass on our know-how to our customers.

Further development

The scripts developed by us can be freely used and further developed.

Method kit

We rely on the large method kit instead of a one-algo-fits-all approach.

Help to self-help

Enabling self-help instead of vendor lock-in: We help our customers to master data science themselves.

Open source

Transparent and flexible: We rely on a toolset that is essentially open source.

Data protection

We handle data responsibly. The data always remain in the possession of our customers.

Transfer of industries

We think across industries and thereby create the transfer of know-how to every use case.

Interpretable results

We prefer comprehensible models instead of black box methods.

Your contact: Oliver Bracht