Python training in Data Science

Join us to learn how to implement the entire data science workflow with Python, from data management to analysis model development to data visualization.

Python training in Data Science

Join us to learn how to implement the entire data science workflow with Python, from data management to analysis model development to data visualization.

Our Python trainings

Started as a general-purpose language, Python is now one of the central programming languages in the data science context. In our Python training courses, we give you practical insights into the functional scope of the universal language in the field of analytics.

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Our two most popular Python courses

Introduction to data science with Python

The basic training in Python with the focus on data science is the ideal introduction for analysts to the programming language. In addition to programming paradigms, object types and syntax structures and pandas, the central library for data management. Through the training the participants will be able to implement the data management as well as the first analyses and visualizations in Python.

Course content:

  • First steps into Python
  • Concept and philosophy of Python
  • Data structures and their properties
  • Importing data
  • Data management with pandas
  • Data analysis with Python
  • Loops and control elements

Recommended course length: Two days

Machine learning with Python

A selection of the training contents:

  • Introduction to the basic concepts of machine learning
  • Dealing with the machine learning framework scikit-learn
  • Introduction to machine learning algorithms such as decision trees, support vector machines or random forests
  • Creation of training and test data
  • Parameter tuning of the models with the help of cross-validations
  • Presentation of relevant processing steps such as one-hot encoding, standardization or imputation
  • Presentation of different metrics of model evaluation
    • For classifications: (Balanced) Accuracy, Sensitivity, Specificity, Area under the curve
    • For regressions: RMSE, MAE
  • Linking of preparation and modeling steps in pipeline objects

The course is aimed at people who have already had some programming experience with Python and have a basic understanding of statistics.

Customized individual training

You already know the basics of Data Science with Python and would like to deepen your knowledge? We would be happy to create an offer for you for an individual training – tailored to your desired topics.

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Date and time

We offer our Python-contents as a individual training at a suitable date of your choice.


We offer you the possibility to conduct your training at your site or via remote.


Please contact us, we will be pleased to submit you an individual offer for your training.

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What our clients say

“The trainer from eoda introduced the topics in a very understandable way and responded to our pace and previous experience. Through the exercises, we never lost touch. He addressed individual problems and concerns without losing sight of the training objective.

We were really very satisfied all around with our Python training. Special thanks to eoda.”

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Discover also our Data Science Coaching – for your individual Deep Dive into Python and the success of your data projects.

From data management to visualization and from statistical methods to deep learning: With our data science coaching, we expand our empowerment offer for you and are your guide in the huge data science cosmos. Our coaching stands for very personal support and the direct application of the learned knowledge in your concrete application area. Through the feedback and tips and tricks of our coaches, you not only ensure your learning success, but above all your project success.

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