RStudio Application Training

We will make you an RStudio professional.

You would like to use RStudio’s data science solutions and need a professional introduction to this? Do you have new employees on board and want to familiarize them quickly and efficiently with the RStudio toolset?

As a full service certified partner, we will train you in the proper use of your RStudio products. Our trainers are also RStudio-certified and will explain all the features you need to use your RStudio solutions successfully.

Course contents:

RStudio Connect

  • RStudio Connect
  • UI overview: Introduction to the basic user interface of RStudio tools
    • Debugging with RStudio Connect (logging, permissions, metrics)
    • API keys
  • Markdown reports (especially scheduling)
  • Plumber API
  • Python API & Apps
    • Jupyter Notebooks
    • REST API (Flask)
    • Plotly Dash
    • Streamlit
  • Data pins
  • Introduction to administrative activities, such as user administration
eoda Full Service Certified Partner von RStudio

RStudio Package Manager

  • Introduction to user interface
  • Create a repository
  • Integration of git and own packages
  • Introduction to basic administrative tasks

RStudio Workbench

  • Introduction to user interface
  • Deployment of apps
  • Introducing Python integration with RStudio Workbench
  • Introduction to basic administrative tasks

We are also pleased to provide an individual application training for you.

Key facts about our application training

Date and time

This course is offered as an individual training at a suitable date of your choice.

The duration of the course is 4 hours.

Location and language

This training can be held at your site or remotely.

Our trainers can train you in German or English.


Please contact us, we will be pleased to submit you an individual offer for this training.

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