Data assessment

Professional analysis of your data stock

Data is considered the fuel of digitalization or the gold of the 21st century. There can be enormous value in data for companies. But do you know the value of your data and the actual potential for your company? Is your data ready for the demands of Data Science and AI?

In our data assessment, we give you answers to exactly these questions.

We bring transparency to your data silos, determine the available data sources and the existing data quality – always with a focus on the use of your data in AI and machine learning projects. Get an overview of the status quo of your data inventory, recommendations for promising AI use cases and a roadmap for expanding and improving the data situation in your company.

Our Data Assessment

Kick-off workshop

In a collaborative workshop, our experienced data experts identify your available data sources and create an overview of your company's data inventory.

Analysis of the data set

Our experts then examine the individual data sources, analyze them by using established methods, and evaluate them with regard to aspects such as relevance, scope, format, and quality.

Report and roadmap

You receive a detailed report with all the important information about your database. In addition, we give you recommendations for data science use cases that are already possible today and measures with which you can further improve your data situation.

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