As one of the Full Service Certified Partners of RStudio, we are the contact for RStudio interested people and users in Europe. In addition to our exclusive services, you also benefit from further advantages around the leading RStudio solutions until the end of the year.  

We support you from consulting, purchasing (in €) and integration to the operation of RStudio Professional products in your company. Even more: With our R trainings and individual workshops, we enable you to use the R packages and products developed by RStudio in an efficient way. 

Our services for your company 

Consulting: RStudio Teams, RStudio Workbench, RStudio Connect or RStudio Package Manager? Are you interested in one of RStudio’s solutions? Together with you we evaluate the applications about your individual requirements and find the right solution for your analysis landscape. 

Procurement: As a sales partner we can offer you the products of RStudio in Euro. With us, you benefit from a German contractual partner and simplified processes for your purchasing. Beyond the optimal handling of procurement, we keep an eye on the contract terms of your RStudio components and inform you proactively when an extension is necessary. 

Integration: As an RStudio integration partner, we implement a seamless integration of the RStudio products for you and help you get started technically. In addition, we share our expertise in using the RStudio products to help you achieve a quick sense of accomplishment. In addition, we are at your side with technical support.   

Training: With our R trainings and individual workshops we put you in the position to use the R packages developed by RStudio optimally for yourself. 

Get exclusive insights and benefit from advantages now – with eoda.