Performant, agile and secure: The right infrastructure is the linchpin for the productive use of data science and AI in your company. Professionalize your data infrastructure and create the optimal conditions for your data science workflows – with Posit and eoda.  

Get started now: Free Architecture Review Call and 45-day test phase 

Book your free Architecture Review Call now with leading infrastructure experts from Posit and eoda and get the target vision and concrete next steps for building your data infrastructure. After that, you will have the opportunity to get to know Posit Workbench, Connect and Package Manager without obligation during a 45-day test phase. 

The topics of the Architecture Review at a glance: 

  • Authentication (e.g. LDAP, SAML) and security 
  • Connection to your analysis databases, version control, etc. 
  • Best practices for installing R and Python 
  • Available options for scaling (e.g., Kubernetes or Slurm) 
  • Dealing with package management 

Get your IT infrastructure data science-ready now – with Posit’s Professional products. 

As one of the Full Service Certified Partners of Posit, we are the contact for Posit interested people and users in Europe. Our services as a Posit partner include consulting, procurement, integration and product trainings.  


Let’s evaluate your individual requirements and get the roadmap for your analysis landscape.

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