Speaker of the [R] Kenntnis-Tage 2016: Alexander Kruse | etracker GmbH

Alexander Kruse works as a data analyst at etracker, a leading provider of products and services for optimizing websites and online marketing activities in Europe. By now, more than 110.000 customers are using etracker solutions, among them companies such as Jochen Schweizer, Vorwerk, the Lufthansa Worldshop and many more from the fields of e-commerce, media, brands and B2B.

Tutorial zum Thema Data Mining auf den [R] Kenntnis-Tagen
Tutorial zum Thema Data Mining auf den [R] Kenntnis-Tagenkenntn

Web analytics is the collection and evaluation of data regarding the behavior of website visitors. Alexander Kruse’s guest lecture multidimensional clustering with web analytics data will show an approach to divide the heterogeneous totality of website visitors into homogeneous segments or clusters using a multidimensional cluster analysis. The lecture will focus on choosing adequate variables for segmentation, determining the ideal number of clusters and performing a multidimensional clustering. For data preparation, analysis and visualization the statistics software R is used.

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