Speaker of the [R] Kenntnis-Tage 2016: Julian Gimbel | Lufthansa Industry Solutions

Julian Gimbel works as a data scientist at Lufthansa Industry Solutions. The company supports customers in digitalizing and automating their processes in order to increase their turnover and efficiency while simultaneously reducing their costs.


Julian Gimbel von Lufthansa Industry Solutions während seiner Präsentation auf den [R] Kenntnis-Tagen

In his guest lecture working efficiently with R – faster to the data product, Julian Gimbel will show the comprehensive possibilities to turn analysis results into a data product using visualizing technologies such as Slidify or Shiny. In this way, the laborious preparation of the results for the management can be integrated into the workflow. Based on a classic example from the airline industry, i.e. a forecast of the arrival punctuality of an aircraft, it will be demonstrated how development cycles can be accelerated with a fully integrated programming environment. With R Studio and the package Shiny for interactive graphical user interfaces, a complete development environment for R applications will be presented.

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