Model Management Features

Integrated versioning via git connection

Complete transparency and traceability during development and use. Use your git repositories to deploy scripts in different versions – directly from YUNA.

Reusable data subsets…

At any point, displayed information in YUNA can be combined into custom filter sets. These filter sets can be directly applied to new projects and analysis models, drastically reducing development time.

…and reuse entire scripts

In YUNA, existing scripts can also be reused for other applications. Expert users can even select suitable scripts directly. These can then be duplicated, allowing you to adapt them more quickly. This saves you valuable time during development and new analysis cases can be made productive more quickly.

Automate retraining

YUNA always keeps models up-to-date. The generated subsets are always kept up-to-date by the dynamic filters. In addition, the retraining of the models can be triggered cyclically or manually.

This minimizes the effort and allows you to concentrate on other tasks.

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