The new way turning ideas into
data science projects

Quickly capture, reuse structured components, work collaboratively with internal and external parties – while maintaining compliance and performance.

Die neue Art aus Ideen Data-Science-Projekte zu realisieren

When developing machine learning models, business processes, and discovering new potentials, too much time is lost
is lost to routine and administrative tasks.
YUNA simplifies the way to transform data into productive services.

Rapid capture, reuse of structured components, collaborative work with internal and external parties – while maintaining compliance and performance.

THIS is YUNA elements

For companies

Reduce the burden of managing, executing, and automating all analytics projects.

For R&D

Train your models even easier and get results faster

For you

Build your own analytical solution – without heavy development costs, precisely adapted to your requirements!

Implement machine learning effectively

Tear down silos in outdated thinking patterns and project structures when developing machine learning models!

Intuitive - Understanding Nodes as a Network

Create projects for automations or extensive analyses in an intuitive node structure. This not only saves time, but also simplifies and increases control of your data pipelines.



Reusable structures - faster to the goal

Once created, nodes can be reused or linked together. This means that new projects can be made productive in less time and can be monitored, changed and optimized more easily.



Playing to strengths - using R, Python AND Julia

Each scripting language has its strengths – use them! Use models of different languages, via scripts or connected by nodes.


Versioning - Play it safe

Change tracking, different model version for different use cases, use of private or public repositories – simply by connecting services like Git.


Automations and Smart Actions

Wide range of possibilities to turn YOUR ideas into reality!

Smart Alerts, Logging, Reports - and more

Smart alerts along the analysis? Play out reports? Inform users? Control other projects? YUNA supports you with a wide range of automation options!

The API - Enjoy new flexibilities

YUNA integrates perfectly into existing structures via API. Via controllable event triggers, YUNA reacts to other applications, can be controlled by them or triggers various actions.

Scheduling made easy

When should which model/analysis be executed in which area and how? Determine sequences, intervals for cyclic, spontaneous or one-time execution of your data analysis and automation projects.

Automated Machine Learning (AutoML)

From data input, to pattern recognition, to feature engineering and result presentation. From the interaction of the API, endpoints and nodes, entire AutoML models can be created.

Data Exploration and Collaboration

Discover new ways to get impactful results from data and make it useful to others.

Automated visualizations - quick understanding

YUNA offers the possibility to automate data visualization directly with project execution, e.g. for reports.

Reports - when, how and as much as you want

Create automated reporting pipelines in various formats. Use templates and visualizations and send reports directly from YUNA , e.g. by mail or upload to the desired storage location.

True teamwork - both internal and external

Enable different teams or external members to work together on projects and complete them. Share reports or results directly with others and much more!

Wide range of export options

Save and post reports, logs or interim results in various formats such as PDF, PowerPoint, CSV or Excel tables. Via API, these can also be sent directly, e.g. via e-mail or Messenger, or stored at the desired location in the network or in the application.

Data analytics that keep up with your business needs

Easily scale in all areas such as users, scripts, projects and more!

Scalable performance - anytime

Dynamic load distribution guarantees optimal data processing and execution of each individual process step. System resources are optimally distributed at all times by means of an intelligent agent concept. In this way, even demanding analyses can be performed in the best possible way.

From prototype to service - with the push of a button

Train different model, take different approaches to achieve the best possible result. Save progress, optimize projects and transfer them to live systems.

Compliance and security

YUNA ensures that all compliance guidelines are maintained at all times.

Intelligent permission concept

Who is allowed to do what in which place? Customized and automated profiles can be used to create groups and individual users. If desired, down to the smallest project level, such as individual actions and nodes. In addition, authentication services such as LDAP can be used.

Advanced logging - know it all

Transparent evidence at every step of the process. Logs can be as extensive as needed – from simple start and end times to showing every parameter change. Export log files to various formats and/or directly to other applications.

Multi Tenancy

Implementing different, distinct projects can be a challenge. YUNA offers comprehensive functions for securing multi-client systems.


YUNA elements offers two options: On Premise an in the Cloud.

On premise

A self-contained system, in your home! Easily expand your tech stack by using YUNA with applications and structures already in use.

  • Perfectly integrated into your infrastructure
  • Directly useable
  • Use also as additional authentication layer
  • No administrative effort
  • Unlimited scope of services
  • Fast connection of data pools


The easiest way to quickly deploy YUNA. Use already existing cloud structures and benefit from the flexibility they offer.

  • Complete control over instances
  • Directly usable
  • Low latency
  • No administrative effort
  • Unlimited range of services
  • High availability

Jump start now – we will walk you through it!

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