Infrastructure Consulting

Receive a vendor-neutral implementation concept with a roadmap and concrete to-dos for the professional use of data science in your company. The assessment gives us a comprehensive impression of your existing IT landscape.

For meeting the specific requirements of the enterprise data science environment to be implemented, it is necessary to get to know the IT infrastructure before the conception. In order to be able to derive recommendations for action, we will inform ourselves about important aspects such as the technical status quo, the size of the existing data science team, the number of employees participating in the results, the working methods and the previous methods used.


In addition to the initial situation, your individual requirements for an analysis infrastructure will be identified during a telephone interview.


Afterwards, a one-day workshop will take place on-site, in which the current situation will be analyzed and existing potentials identified.

Realization concept

After the on-site workshop, a detailed multi-sided report will be prepared and provided. The report evaluates the actual situation and defines an individual roadmap to optimize the processes of data analysis.

Your contact: Meltem Hekim

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