The Way to a Centralized Infrastructure 

Online | June 16, 2021 | 4-6 pm CEST | Register now for free

In order to exploit the full potential of data science, a proper IT infrastructure is required which meets the high demands for agility, performance and maintenance. Even more: The right infrastructure promotes collaboration and company-wide participation in the topic of data science. At the same time, it also helps to fulfill compliance requirements.

The global market leader Covestro has also recognized the potential of its infrastructure to further drive digitalization within the company. Find out what challenges Covestro faced and how they met them with an infrastructure that is now the technical heart of Covestro’s globally distributed AI initiatives. From statistics to IT to machine learning and artificial intelligence, the centralized infrastructure enables decentralized teams to generate insights and achieve long-term business success.

Technically, the infrastructure is based, besides others, on the leading solutions of RStudio. Ralf Stubner, Solutions Engineer at RStudio, gives exclusive insights into the RStudio products during the webinar.

In a hands-on workshop, our Analytic Infrastructure Consultant Christian Ewald will explain the native git integration in RStudio and the different approaches for deploying to RStudio Connect. This will provide your team with a great collaborative workflow for building, maintaining and scaling projects in a growing data science environment.

Agenda, learning objectives, registration and more can be found here.

We look forward to your participation!