AI-supported processing of incoming invoices!

– Time-savings of over 50% at routine tasks

– Visualize invoice KPIs in real-time

– Automate reading and allocating invoices to the right accounts

– Variety of alerts, for example, for liabilities and maturities

– Recognizes invoice duplicates

What would it be like, if you could not only review thousands of invoices immediately upon receiving them, but also process them and analyze the information within them, visualize this data and allocated them to the right accounts?

Artificial intelligence makes this possible.

YUNA can automate the processing of your incoming invoices too – from receiving them to allocating them to the final account.

Quickly Connect and Visualize Data

As a self-service analytics tool, YUNA enables you to connect data from different sources by yourself. You can continue using your existing systems as usual because YUNA converts your data autonomously and offers you insights into the most important metrics and KPIs. KPIs like the average costs per invoice, the error rate or the percentage of duplicate payments can help you identify in which areas you can improve.

Everything at a glance

Identify Invoice objects from documents and find potentials for improvement. YUNA offers intuitive dashboards which allow you to easily see the most relevant information.


Improved planning

Create reliable forecast of your cashflows based on your invoices and additional data sources. Use these findings for liquidity forecasts, for instance, to minimize risks for investments. These forecasts become more reliable the more data you provide.

Intuitive und Transparent Application

Completely transparent: YUNA reacts intelligently even if confronted with an unfamiliar or structurally different document type. If desired, YUNA displays an indicator for the self-assesment of the analysis. This way, users can quickly understand the results of the AI.

AI that thinks ahead!

YUNA automates not only the identification and allocation, but also the advancement of the AI. In the dashboard users can always directly evaluate the correctness of the automated identification with a simple press of a key. This evaluation is then integrated in the algorithm which becomes increasingly more prezise.

Seamless Integration in your IT-landscape

As a stand-alone module, YUNA can be used directly to automate your incoming invoice processes. You decide in which form you want to deploy it: in the cloud, on premise, as a hybrid model or fully integrated in the YUNA platform.

Automate Data Collection and Integration

YUNA can read digital and physical invoice documents via OCR and afterwards use the extracted information. This way, the extracted data can be connected with data from other sources like inventory lists, project plans, ERP and CRM systems or sales and distribution plans.

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