Condition Monitoring &

Predictive Maintenance

„With YUNA eoda enables us to fix problems before they actually occur. Thanks to real-time data evaluation, we reduce downtime, optimize processes and increase machine availability at the same time“

– Marco Holzer |
Head of Product Management & Logistics Services | TRUMPF

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With the combination of AI and expertise, YUNA enables you to take the step from condition monitoring and continuous monitoring to true predictive maintenance. Using state-of-the-art algorithms, YUNA analyzes not only sensor data, but the entire spectrum of your machine cosmos – from conditions, to system messages and production data, to information on individual components.

On this basis, machine failures and malfunctions can be detected, predicted and prevented at an early stage.

Avoid failures

YUNA identifies factors that can lead to failures and alerts early so that failures and downtime are minimized.

Cost reduction

Avoid unnecessary costs due to sudden breakdowns. Reduce the cost of maintenance visits through proactive maintenance.


Increase machine availability and thus safeguard not only your production but also its quality at critical moments.

Starting point of digitization

As a central platform, YUNA enables the development and operation of far-reaching digital services in companies. Low-maintenance and with state-of-the-art capabilities.

YUNA – Discover the potential

  • Anomaly detection for machine failure prediction
  • Central database for all participants generates quick insights/li>
  • Intuitive operation and strengthening of collaboration between different teams
  • Rich integration and automation capabilities
  • Generation of data (sub)sets for the development of new models by users
  • Integrated workflow for designing, managing, and going live with new analytics
  • Intelligent rights and role management

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YUNA how it works

Based on historical machine, sensor and system data, AI models are trained in YUNA to create a generalist profile of the machines. Then, anomaly detection can be used to identify various factors that indicate machine failure. Not only does YUNA identify these anomalies, but the models themselves can be further optimized in productive use by YUNA so that they become increasingly accurate. Even in the case of sudden or completely new situations, reliable operation is thus possible.

Fast implementation

From initial planning to reliable use as a condition monitoring or predictive maintenance system, we and YUNA accompany you every step of the way.

Assessment and model development

Together, we survey the existing database, discover potentials and provide support for possible processing. Here we collect the relevant information and then train the machine learning models.

Test run and commissioning

Together, we identify various factors and limit values for classifying harmless machine states and possible causes. Thanks to the full-managed workflow in YUNA, various test runs can be parallelized and transferred directly to the production system after final testing.

Automation and optimization

YUNA offers various possibilities to automate numerous actions. Send reports, let YUNA directly order maintenance when anomalies occur or give your employees the possibility to design new analyses or optimize existing ones.


YUNA offers two options: On Premise and Cloud.

On premise

Easily expand your tech stack by leveraging YUNA with applications and structures already in use.

  • Perfectly integrated into your infrastructure
  • Directly operable
  • Use also as additional authentication layer
  • No administrative overhead
  • Unlimited scope of service
  • Fast connection of data pools


The easiest way to quickly deploy YUNA. Use already existing cloud structures and benefit from the flexibility they offer.

  • Complete control over instances
  • Directly operable
  • Low latency
  • No administrative overhead
  • Unlimited scope of services
  • High availability

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