With condition monitoring to higher availability and more efficient processes

What is the current state of my machines? How does the current production quantity or external influences affect my industrial plants? How can I coordinate my maintenance optimally?

These questions can be answered with a condition monitoring system. Due to the permanent recording and evaluation of sensor data (of your machines), all relevant information on the current condition of your industrial plants is available in real time.

With our YUNA analysis platform, we enable you to make condition monitoring a decisive component of your customer service and your internal processes.

Based on YUNA, we develop your platform for industry 4.0 for you. With this, we connect different departments such as development, service or after sales for you and create better processes and data-based decision bases throughout the company.

Better processes and higher machine availability across all departments: The technology leader TRUMPF is already benefiting from YUNA and generating new value-added services for its customers.


The advantages of condition monitoring for you at a glance:

More efficient processes

With conditon monitoring, you know more about your machines and can use this knowledge to optimize your production planning, condition-based maintenance or the development of new components.

Creation of digital services

Condition monitoring is your key to reducing downtime and saving costs, as well as improving service offerings and new revenue streams.

Starting point for predictive maintenance

The systematic collection and aggregation of machine data is the foundation for predictive maintenance.

Your contact on this topic:
Oliver Bracht